David and Wendy Lowe

Hypnos Healing

          gently transforming
             your life 

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

The Complementary Medical Association Accredited


World Federation Of Hypnotherapists Accredited
Past Life Therapist Association Member

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past life regression available here stress management
extinguish your fears here pain management and pain release


You can transform...
unwanted behaviour patterns,
phobias, emotional upset,
physical pain,
difficult relationships,
lack of abundance, spirituality
with our
treatments & workshops

YOU can transform your life

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?
Do you have fears and phobias?
Are you in pain and only prescribed painkillers?
Let us help you to make the changes you need.
Would you like to transform your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual life?

What change would YOU like to make ?
 I want to stop smoking.
 I diet but can't seem to lose weight.
 I’m frightened of spiders.


Welcome to Hypnos Healing

We offer therapy and courses to help you transform.

If you have a problem, whether lack of confidence, stress and anxiety, wanting to stop smoking, lose weight or some other psychosomatic disorder or phobia, we will help you to resolve it in a safe, comfortable environment, and in a caring and confidential way.

Please explore our pages to find the full range of treatments and opportunities for personal healing and change.

We have over 20 years experience based within the Nottingham area as professional therapists, registered with the CNHC,WFH,BAThH, CMA PLTA. We are also qualified to teach adult education and have been teaching inspiring workshops for many years.

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We each have our own personal issues, this list is but just a few our clients often have. Call us to discuss your needs. We look forward to talking to you. Phone us now on 01623 755891.

We offer a variety of techniques to dealt with your issues including, Hypnotherapy and NLP,Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Geneline Therapy, Intuitive Counselling Therapy, Past Life Therapy Reiki & Seichem Masters, Theta Healing, Lomi Lomi Massage, Painless Spinal Touch Therapy.

Hypnos Healing gently resolves, easily and effectively, any stress and inner conflict that is causing your symptoms. We have experience in treating very many issues including: stop and quit smoking, a huge variety of fears and phobias, relationship problems, unfaithful partner, jealousy, anxiety, panic attacks, rage and anger, stress, over weight, under weight, gambling, abuse, lack of self confidence, sleep disorder, redundancy, sexual anxiety, military combat trauma and any other symptom that results from feeling under stress.

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Credit Cards Accepted

Healing is...
...to restore to health, wholeness or soundness,
...to set right or repair,
...to restore to spiritual wholeness.

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